Take’in It Easy

Take'In It Easy Sales



• 510 Prims
• 32 Temp
• Bow thrusters
• Cruise control
• Working lighting system
• Sits over 40
• Realistic driving and sounds
• Variable speed Paddle wheel
• Many more Features Inside

Welcome to the wonderful JP Collections “Takin’ It Easy” Thank you for your interest in this new boat by JP. This ship incorporates a few never before seen features on a JP Collections ship.
This Card will be both a guide to the ships features and layout. The two boarding areas on the ship is wear this card will start first. Entering on either the left or the right side you’ll find yourself on the wrap around lower deck. Up front and along the left side you’ll see one of the new features of the boat’s construction. This test of a shadow system is attempting to inject more depth and realism into the design of JP boats. Out front there are also 3 beach chairs to lie out and relax on while the boat travels the open water.
Entering in the door in the front of this ship you’ll find yourself in the rest of the lower level.
In here is a bar, that when clicked will serve you drinks and snacks. The bar seats four. Across from the bar is the living rooms and kitchen area. In the living room there is an internet TV that you can input a video URL into in a media enabled viewer and the TV will play the video on the screen. The living room seats 4.
The kitchen has room to cook all the food you’ll need on the open water for you and all your guests. There is seating for four around the table, and seats for two at the counter.
As you may notice, there are light switches on the walls in various places, one in the living room and one in the kitchen. These will activate the new internal lighting feature of this ship.
Moving upstairs with the stairs next to eh bar you’ll find yourself on level two of this ship. In here is a couch with more seating and a nice warm fireplace. There are two rooms up here. The rooms on either side are bedrooms, the one of the left and right are identical except for the right room which has a piano inside of it. Each room has a bed and a desk. As well as at least one functioning Internet TV that operates the same as the one in the living room.
If you exit the rooms and go out the door to the right you’ll be led to a balcony with a staircase up to the top of the ship.
Immediately in front of you is the lounge area, here there is seating for at least twelve guests, and another functioning bar. Under this massive shade you can relax with no worries of any sunburn, and just enjoy the ocean with your passengers and friends. In front of the lounge there is a table with four more seats and an ornamental chess board, as well as a kitchen with a grill that dispenses burgers when clicked on. Further forward in the cockpit, as well as a deck chair on either side of the cockpit.
From inside the cockpit you drive the vessel, there’s seating for four passengers, and the captain, and co-captain.