Oil Rig

Oil Rig Sales

Words Simply Just Can’t Explain Her Beauty, the JP Collections OIL RIG
***********PERFECT FOR HOMESTEADS***********
• 99.9% Sculpted
• 264 Prims
• 64×50 M
• Hi Quality Detail
Let’s Start up the large ramp through the center it leads up to the first floor, on here are some engine parts batteries and other things of the such. The next ramp leads youth o floor two, up here there’s a lot of space, plenty of room for customization, and editing.
The final floor is the top of the rig, up here, there are decoration including two giant Oil Storage tanks, a helipad, and a non-functioning crane, the main drill comes up through the center. There are two buildings that you can use for just about anything, bedrooms, control center, dance club, coke room, anything!