Paddle Boat (MESH)



Jp Collections Paddle Boat

HUD Controls For

• Cruise Control
• Anchored
• Start And Stop
• Speeds
• Kill Boat for easy cleanup
• Camera Controls


• Sits 2 When Driving
• 5 M Long
• 3 M Wide
• 5 Prim (Land Impact)

Included In the package is
•Paddle Boat
•Paddle Boat Hud And Guest Hud
•Informational Notecards
•Bonus Gift
•Landmark to main store
•Website Link Terminal

Jp Collections Mesh 5 Prim Paddle Boat

Ability to give anyone access or restrict it to group or owner

Built with multiple mesh faces so you can texture and tint (Color) any parts of the boat as you wish

The Built in canopy is removable VIA hud

Animates your avatar as you drive reverse animations when in reverse

Paddle wheel and peddles rotate in direction you travel

Eye Candy Wake system that gives you a sense of realism .

Passenger has option to sit and relax or help paddle with you

Very Low Lag script system

We Do Not provide refunds for the boats as they are not transfer we will however Refund If you accidentally purchase 2 of the same boats for yourself you must provide transaction information for the refund