Car Ferry

Car Ferry Sales Final



Jp Collections Car Ferry

• HUD Control
• Bilge Pumps
• Cabin Lighting Effects
• Water Lighting Effects
• Cruise Control
• Bow Thrusters
• Spot Light
• Navigational Lighting
• Anchor
• Horn
• 10 stage Throttle
• Kill Button for Easy Cleanup
• 3 Camera Options

• 40 Meter long
• 18 Meter wide
• 173 Prim Full
• 32 Prim temp

Additional Information

Thank You for Your interest in the Jp Collections Car Ferry. This fully Functioning Ferry can hold up to 20 cars; A Fleet of Fire trucks Tanks and Many other Physical or Manned Vehicles around your sim. It is built to specs of areal life carrier and has room for 5 Passengers and a co Pilot. Driving this ferry is simple and docking is even easier With the help of the 3 different camera settings as well as the 4 antennas that allow you to see just exactly where the edges of the boat is so that you can maneuver it into even the tightest Spaces Be sure to check it out In world If you require a Demonstration Contact Josh Piper and he will be more than Happy to assist you .