Sea Wraith

Floating Bachelor Pad

Sea Wraith

Jp Collections Sea Wraith​


HUD Controls For
• Bow Thrusters
• Cruise Control
• Navigation Lights
• Cabin Lights
• Bilge Pumps
• Water Lighting effects
• Horn
• Anchored
• Start And Stop
• Engine Gears
• Kill Boat for easy cleanup
• Camera Controls

We start at the rear of the boat on the deck.
This is you can board the boat using the stairs. There are a few accessories here,
Fire extinguishers first aid kits and life preservers.

From there you can enter the boat through the sliding glass doors and see the
Stairs leading down into the Bar and living quarters and up to the Captain’s controls.

Lower Floor:

Down the stairs you are greeted by the fully stocked bar that will give
Out drinks and snacks when clicked and has seating for 5. It also, above
The bar has a TV*. Near there is the kitchen with all the equipment you would
Ever need to cook a wonderful meal at sea.
Walking into the next room you see the bed and couches with more seating and
Animations, some of an adult nature.

Upper Floor:

Back up the stairs into the Captain’s area. Here there is seating for 3, the Captain and two guests.
You drive the boat from here, it will auto-attach and auto-detach when you sit, and stand, from the captain’s chair, after you select yes in the attach permission dialog box that will be brought up
When the boat is attached and drivable it becomes phantom accept for the floors you stand on.
So be careful not to let your passengers slide off into the ocean as you drive.

Misc. information:
The boat works on a temp rez system that makes it re-rez every forty seconds when not being used that lets it used less prims at one time and makes it easier to use in a more prim-limited area.

*TV instructions

The TV System is full perms.
To use the TV simply click on the black prim located under the TV. This wills rez the TV.
If the TV is Not Positioned Right Rotate And move it into position to fit TV You cal also resize it to make it as bit or small as you want. You only need one TV per boat to be deeded as all the rest will work off of it.
To use the TV you must be either on your own land, or, you must be on group owned land.
If the land you are own is owned by a group, you must deed the TV to the group that the land is set to.
To do this, you right click on the prim and click edit. In edit mode you will see tabs, select the “General” tab to the far left.
Under that tab you will see group with set to the right of it. From there, select the group the land is set to, and then press O.K.
Underneath, you will see a button called “share with group”. Click share with group and the Deed button will light up.
Click Deed, and then click Deed again when the warning comes up. Now your TV is ready for use.

Please Note Before you go leave negative feedback please contact Josh piper He will Be Glad to help you with any issues you may have

Sea Wraith: Prims

Non-Temp: 456
Temp: 32

Additional Notes:

What is Temp Rez?

Temp rez is A Option in second life to enable prims to not count on your Land Prim count
Normally A temporary prim will only stay rezed in world for 45 seconds before it will automatically delete itself

A temp Rezzor will Re rez the temporary Primitive every 40 to 43 seconds before the temp one deletes Thus letting the primitive to remain out in world and not count on your land prim count

You will notice a slight flicker every time the rez system re rezes the new object

This is useful to allow people with a limited amount of primitives to have full use of there Object this case there boat/yacht

Please not Not all Sim’s allow temporary rezing This is why we include a non temp version that will count 100% of the prims on your land Be sure to check your covenant on your land to see for any restrictions

Make Sure Show Avatar In Mouse Look Is Checked Under Preferences

Please Note Temp rez is added to the boats as an Option and may or may not work depending on the server that in witch you’re trying to rez the boat in.

Linden labs is updating there servers and the newer servers do not allow temp rez to function properly.

We Do Not provide refunds for the boats as they are not transfer we will however Refund If you accidentally purchase 2 of the same boats for yourself you must provide transaction information for the refund

When you purchase this boat you agree to not hold JP Collections accountable if the temp rez feature wont work on your Land and or if you don’t have enough prims for the full version