How To’s

You bought a Boat now you want to use it?


Follow the simple steps below to be on your way to sailing the Seas of Virtual Worlds

1. Unpack your purchased Boat

2. Find an area in Your Respected Virtual World that allows Rez and scripts to run

3. Rez the boat in the water

4. Make your way to the bridge area where you drive the ship

5. Find the colored box that is located close to the Driver’s seat

6. Right click and sit or click ride on the colored box

7. You will notice  attachment request popups where ever your respective viewer puts them Be sure to accept all attachment request Sometimes  they will be Buried into your notifications  be sure to look there for any missed attachments

8. When you feel that you have all attached go ahead and use the HUD to start your boat (if you notice parts have not attached you have missed something please repeat steps)

9. Enjoy your new Boat

If you have troubles after following this guide please retry   If you still experience any issues please contact our Customer support team and one will be glad to help Although customer support is Complementary our staff works on Gratuities and commission so if you are so inclined to give a Tip to your support worker please do so This is totally optional and in no way mandatory. But they will defiantly love you

Thank you for your Business and we hope you have many years of enjoyment from your new Boat



Here is little hint …


If you use your boat with an alt account   you can  latterly leave your boat anyplace  in Virtual World waters without paying for a slip rental All that is needed is you keep that alt loged in and sitting with the boat attached This will prevent the auto return from returning your boat and you will be  able to move about the boat as you wish   If you  set cruise control you can  have your alt drive  and simulate yourself on a real cruise  just watch your mini map to be sure you make any corrections in  the direction of the boat so you do not hit any land or other >>>> We offer A onetime gift to an alt of the same boat purchased  So you may   Have the option if you so choose.. We appreciate your business any questions or concerns please contact one of our customer support workers … Happy sailing

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