Jp Collections Mesh Blimp

**Recent Release Updates

*Added Group Owner And anyone modes
*Added Working Hud Controls For various Features
* Added Cruise Control
* Added Infinite Stage Speed
*Added Kill Feature with Secondary Safety Feature
*Added Working Lights Inside and outside
* Added Camera Views Behind Up and Normal
* Added New Physics Ability To descend and move at same time
* Added Start And Stop Buttons
* Added Retractable Gear and Gangway Via HUD


• Sits 8 When Driving
• 75 M Long
• 15 M Wide
• 126 Prim
The Blimp Has a Customizable Logo Area
Simply Drop your Logo* Set and forget*

Included In the package is
• Mesh Blimp
• Affiliate Vendor
• Landmark To main store
• Informational Notecard
• Bonus Gift

Largest Mesh Blimp in Secondlife!!!!
• Full Rich Textures Baked with shadows
• Made with Low Polly Contraction to keep prim count low
• Custom sounds Not too loud to distract just loud enough to be heard
• Sits 8 people In various spots around the blimp
• Can move around the blimp when in motion with menu No need to stand and move
• Can Control the Blimp from any Sit position making it addictive to fly loads of great view spots
• Working internet TV system that you can watch your favorite online media or surf the web all TV’s and computers work independently from each other so each person can watch what they want without bothering the other person AND YES the Media system works in simcrossings

Just Released Summer of 2013 is the Jp collections Mesh Blimp
She has tons of features listed above and many more that are not listed

Please feel free to ask for a display or visit the main store where the blimp is parked on the roof of the mall

Now for some information about how to apply texture and add your own landmark

The mid of the blimp is a Separate mesh prim with 2 faces one on either side of the blimp To add your own logo you simply find one you like and drag it from your inventory to the prim each side can have its own texture if you so choose

To add your landmark simply go into build mode Ctrl+3 and then click the box under general tab Edit linked parts Then click the prim on the blimp where the logo is Inside the content tab you will notice a landmark giver script and a landmark if you wish to not have a landmark delete both items and then it will not offer landmark on touch. if you choose to add your own just delete the landmark inside leaving the script and then just drop your landmark inside and that’s it the script will do the rest now anytime someone clicks on the logo it will deliver them your store landmark Great for onlookers take your blimp out to events and other heavy populated areas and just relax inside and enjoy the amenities she has to offer all while advertising your business

Any questions please direct them to Josh piper inworld Thank you for your consideration